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Tim Bales


Please welcome our new trumpet Professor Tim Bales.

Tim's professional career has included playing with artists such as Chaka Khan and Norah Jones and currently working with Grammy winner Jim Peterik and the Ides of March known for the hit songs Vehicle and Eye of The Tiger.  He also recorded and performed live with Jazz icons Ira Sullivan and Phil Wood.
If you played in grade school or high school band and you would like to play again, please come see Tim Bales for lessons. Also please talk with Dr Shawn Salmon for help on getting into the bands.

There may be monetary assistance and the lessons would be no charge if you are under  18 credits.

If you ever played trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone, or euphonium and would like to learn how to play them again please contact Tim Bales and Dr Salmon on how to register for applied lessons and how to to join one of the bands.

Tim is proficient in Jazz, R&B, Salsa, and Rock music. 


Please take a look at Tim Bales' website at for more information on what studying with him and how it would help you.

See performances of Tim Bales here

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