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The Rescue Dogs Story

Tinto, Baby, and Lexi

Hi, Welcome to our web page celebrating our beautiful rescue dogs Tinto, Baby, and Lexi. 
So many of my friends have fallen in love with these three beautiful doggos after seeing the photos and videos I  post on Facebook and Instagram.  My rescue dog journey began in 2011 when I saw a photo of Tinto posted on Facebook with the message that he was going to be put down the following day. 

I told my friend Darlene that had posted the photo, to "make it happen" that we could accept him and have a professional person pick him up for us. 
I'd love to say it was love at first sight with Tinto, but, he was still pretty rough and kind of intimidating. 
I'll continue this story a bit later. Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you can help out with a small donation.  

Thanks,  Tim Bales

Dog Mission

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under construction

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