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 Playing trumpet w Jim Peterik & Ides of March on WGN December 2013


Chuck Parrish playing the beautiful melody. 
I play a brief harmon mute solo later on. The band sounds wonderful 

I'm on this 2009 studio recording with the DePaul's Jazz Ensemble playing previously unrecorded Stan Kenton arrangements.  This was a fine fine band. 

This is a fantastic song written, performed and sung by my good friend Glenn Folwarski. He is a talent. Wonderful poignant song.  I'm playing flugelhorn on this track. 


The Hurt -The Thadeus Project - Glenn Folwarski vocals/guitar Tim Bales - flugelhorn

This is a recording of what is called a "Big Band".  

This is the DePaul Jazz Ensemble, their top big band, in a live recording with jazz icon Ira Sullivan at the Jazz Showcase.

It sounds pretty good!

I'm playing in the trumpet section. 


A small group jazz thing I did at DePaul in 2010. Very nice arrangement and for once, I actually like the way I sound on this thing. 


The Depaul Jazz Ensemble in 2011.  Andy Baker's Baby Steps.  I'm the lucky one standing between Marquis Hill and Chuck Parrish.  So many great players in this band.  

SOLD - Hub Van Laar B5 demonstration 

SOLD - Hub Van Laar B2 demonstration 

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